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Cremee - About and Details

Beginnings of the bakery

We don’t just bake. We craft special moments.

The sweetest of beginnings are sometimes simple. CREMEE FRESH CAKE N SNACK began as a small, household business in 2001. Mr. Sai Srinivas wanted to use his love of baking and his expertise of over 20 years to create fresh, elegant and decadent cakes for his customers. Cremee has grown into a team of professionally trained, creative and talented individuals, with great technique for baking and decorating. Under the guidance of Mr.Srinivas, the Cremee team creates and delivers delicious cakes and confectioneries, across Bangalore city.

The Cremee ethic

All our cakes are handmade by our chefs from scratch. We use the finest of ingredients, with no compromise on the quality, of even the most basic components of our products. Cremee believes that a positive working environment is key to ultimately giving the best to its customers. Our kitchens and bakery are where the magic happens and are spaces of joy and creativity for our team.

Made just for you

If you want to celebrate, feel good, or are an ardent dessert lover, nothing can beat a freshly baked, yummy cake. We craft customised pastries, cupcakes and cakes for any occasion that you want, in the size, shape and flavor you desire. We bake wedding cakes, baby shower cakes, birthday cakes, eggless cakes, party cakes, holiday cakes, themed cakes, special cakes and so on. We also offer a variety of quality breads, buns, cookies and more in Bengaluru.

Corporate events

Cremee has been a trusted partner of many corporate events with IBM, Microsoft, Mphasis, Cisco and more. For corporate cakes in Bengaluru, get in touch with us at 9880719979 or /

Opening up our doors to inspire the young

Cremee is open to schools who would like to bring in their children for a fun-filled, cake-filled and educative field trip to our kitchens. Get in touch with us at 9880719979 or /

Cremee Specialities:

  • Bread based items

  • Speciality Cakes

  • Celebration Cakes

  • Pastries

  • Savouries

  • Desserts

Bread based items

Bread is versatile and oh-so comforting! It comes in so many avatars and you will find them all at Cremee. Experience the warmth and goodness of freshly baked bread items from our extensive menu. Our chefs are wizards at perfecting breads from traditional ones like white bread, wheat bread and multigrain, to creating their own innovative variants, inspired from the best baking practices from all over the world. Experience the delicious simplicity of their taste. Enjoy the sweet surprise of biting into a croissant, with a burst of chocolate or fruit flavored fillings. Pizzas, sweet bread, cinnamon breads, banana bread and so much more in our ever evolving selection of items.

Specialty cakes

What a cake can be is only limited by your imagination, and our bakers are continuously pushing those limits. Cremee Specialty cakes are one-of-a-kind, created by chefs with years of experience, who know the right combination of unlikely flavors and elements, that work together beautifully to blow your minds and taste buds. Order these for your most cherished moments and watch everybody fall in love with the cake!

Celebration Cakes

Whatever your celebration is, your cake should add the Wow factor to your event. Your celebration cake should be a perfect fit for your occasion and your personality. Cremee chefs can make your cake dreams come true. Our chefs craft breathtaking designs, in innumerable flavours and deliver impeccable service to give you cakes that you will be talking about for many years to come! We have wedding cakes, baby shower cakes, birthday cakes, eggless cakes, party cakes, holiday cakes, corporate cakes, and so much more.


A perfect end to a lunch, a reward for a stressful day or a great way to fulfill a craving, pastries can do it all. Cremee chefs pulls out all stops to craft decadent pastries of incredible variety. Find your new favourite(s) with our exciting range including, chocolate, pineapple, black forest and more. Be sure to come back to our website or store often, as our chefs are always adding new flavors and combinations to our extensive list of pastries.


Taste the homeliness and warmth of our good old savories, that can perfectly complement our cakes and pastries. Cremee savories can brighten up any day, alongside some chai. We have veg-puffs, samosas, rolls, burgers, sandwiches and so much more. Apart from your favourite ‘go-to’ items, our chefs are always working at bringing together alluring new varieties for those of you who are adventurous!


Cookies are a must have item at Cremee. Perfectly baked, with the right amount of crunch and chewiness, our cookies are an amazing addition to your even chai, meetup or party. Choose from chocolate chip, oatmeal, almond, peanut butter cookies and more.


To become an industry leader in baked goods, that inspires joy and satisfaction, by offering extraordinary products and memorable experiences to our customers.


To create indulgent and delicious cakes, that we are proud to work on, that bring people together and turn every occasion into a celebration.